Our most popular and long-seller product supported among wedding halls and costume rental shops all over Japan.

Our product is outstanding for its variety of silhouettes, functionality, durability and after-sales service.

  • Using special shape memory metal wire that is difficult to break or bend
  • Can be used for a long time without losing its volume
  • Washable by washing machine. Good cost performance.
  • Exclusive storage bag attached at purchase
  • After-sales service is prepared. Call us if there is any repair and/or maintenance matters.
  • Most petticoats can be folded to small sizes, which will help to cut transportation costs and storage space.

Panniers with tulle frills

Natural silhouette pannier even without a set pannier


A-line pannier with a triangle flare line with
clear waistline.

2-stage wire
Hem wire size 199cm


A line pannier, slightly slender design than
H-01. A good match for slender A-line dresses
as imported dresses.

2-stage wire
Hem wire size 162cm


Beautiful A-line with a triangle silhouette
extending straight from the waist Standard size,
larger than H-01

2-stage wire
Hem wire size 225cm


A-line pannier even larger than MS-03.
The largest pannier among our A line panniers.

2-stage wire
Hem wire size 272cm


Pannier recommended for European silhouette dresses.
Solid structure gives volume from the waist.

Length adjustment function attached
3-stage wire
Hem wire size 280cm


Suitable for A line dress with long hem and the Bustle skirts

3-stage wire
Hem wire size 258cm

Pannier without frill

Compact storage panniers for dresses with set panniers


Pannier exclusively made for Princess line
dresses.Compatible with standard gathered
skirt dresses.

4-stage wire
Hem wire size 271cm


Pannier for Big Princess line dresses.
Use this pannier when you want to make large volume from the waist line.

4-stage wire
Hem wire size 306cm


Pannier, which waist volume is simplified and
line similar to A line.
A versatile silhouette and design.

4-stage wire
Hem wire size 270cm


Pannier that matches with the large hem flared line dresses.
Highly recommended when you want to
express large triangle silhouette.
Waist volume is slightly hold.

6-tier hard wire is also recommended for heavy dresses
4-stage wire
Hem wire size 305cm


Largest pannier with big hem wire sized by
335cm will surely make an elegant silhuouette.
Even without a set pannier, can make a big
beautiful silhouette with this pannier without
any lines appearing in the top layer.

For oversized
5-stage wire
Hem wire size 342cm

Mermaid panniers

You can adjust the styling by changing the connection of the wires.


This pannier, matches the regular mermaid line dress, and for the hem of a flare line dress.
This pannier helps and improves you walking movements. Wearing this pannier makes the
silhouette stable while shooting.

One-stage wire
Hem wire dimensions (68cm + 140cm)


Tight line to the hip, and draws a beautiful flare from hip line to the hem.
Best for fit and flare lined dresses.

One-stage wire
Hem wire size 230cm

Pannier parts

Belt adjuster

A belt which could be applied when more waist width texture is needed


Maternity panniers

Now a days, wedding of expecting mothers has become popular.

We have made maternity panniers so that expecting mothers can wear the dress elegantly and beautifully and yet relaxing.

We have maternity panniers for all pannier lines.

Please feel free to contact us.


Maternity pannier of H-01



Maternity pannier of MS-03



Maternity pannier of C-02



Maternity pannier of C-04



All maternity panniers are made only after receiving and placing orders.

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