In March 2023, the new lineup has debuted from Atelier E&M!

In addition to dresses, men’s new tuxedos, blouses, veils, and small accessories announced at the same time, making the perfect collection of volume.

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3 types debuted, fully embodying the overwhelming back style and beautifully shining hand-embroidered design.

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Lʼ unique

Handmade embroidery that makes full use of delicate fabric flower motifs and techniques that make the dress sparkle. Debuted with unique 4 type.

「Lʼ unique」
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11 types lineup with a simple and elegant design and a pattern that fits everyone, including white color coloring adult weddings.

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Accessories Collection

The trendy collection debuted with ribbon embroidered flower motif earrings and a large headband with glittering bead embroidery on one side.

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