Atelier em has debuted a new lineup in February 2022! In addition to dresses,
the long-awaited men’s collection announced at the same time.

Around autumn, it will be in stock at dress shops nationwide.

Please contact for details.

Raffiller new dress collection

Gorgeous and sophisticated silhouette and beautiful handmade embroidery that you can sigh.

Classic new collection of royal roads that is loved by all ages.

Lunique new dress collection

The color dress that looks like haute with about 2,000 pieces of fabric flowers sewn on.

Deliver with the expression and story of handwork that can only be done by Atelier em.

STORIA.em new dress collection

Carefully selected high-quality materials and embroidery, silhouette that fits any bride.

12 designs debut including color dresses.

You can download the Dress Catalog

PDF 16 Pages

ATELIER-E&M Men’s Collection

Long-awaited men’s collection has debuted from Atelier em.

Developed 5 hybrid designs that incorporate casual elements to match the bridal scene these days
while carefully selecting the materials and leaving a classical taste.

You can download the Men’s Catalog

PDF 6 Pages

Bridal accessories-AiLE new collection

Collection of new accessories that focus on material selection such as natural dry leaves and hard metal parts.

Elegant and AiLE-like lineup with a slightly exotic debuts.

You can download the Accessories Catalog

PDF 28 Pages