This bustier was made by customer’s voices such as…

Dress is loose

The brides feels somewhat uneasiness about the fit of the bodice

Underwear reveals from the bride’s breast or side when the she kneels down.

To sort such issues we have made this bustier using special material so that to prevent slip offs.

Wear this bustier over the inner dress.

Wear this bustier over the inner dress.
By wearing this bustier, you can also wear bare top dresses at ease. The attached silicone rubber net will avoid any slipping offs on the front or back side. Thin material is used to make this product whichwill not disturb the outer, and helps making a perfect waist line.

Non-slip inner – Instruction manual

Non-slip inner is a slip-off prevention inner. Wear this over the inner dress. The slip-off efficiency is quite high so please make sure to adjust the position when wearing it.

Adjust the bust position

Fasten the hooks behind

Adjust the inner to avoid wrinkles

Please wear the pannier only after wearing the non-slip inner

When wearing the dress, please make sure to match the breast position.

Non-slip bustier [Long]