“The Only One,” the meaning in French.

The Color Dress Line of ATELIER E&M that is unique and new individuality.

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Outstanding royal couture that could only be found here.

Daring laces with haute-couture bead embroidery which shines like jewels.
Luxurious royal wedding dresses that can only be made by Atelier e&m.

Hand-stitched embroidery prepared with especial care, needle by needle, stitch to stitch, creates an unique, one and only dress, which colours the bride’s special moment.

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The new brand that hand over the history of ATELIER E&M in a new form.

The new standard design that fits for any bride till now and in the future.

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Lavish material usage with luxurious and brilliant beaded embroidery. Dresses for glamorous ladies

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Noble quality Embroidery

Delicate hand stitched embroidery, absolutely beautiful in every respect

A new brand featuring slender fit dresses ”Avancaro”

Using lavish fabrics with gorgeous embroidery,
this is the haute-couture line of dresses of Atelier e&m.

We offer you a dress which will make you more elegant and proud.

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Brand Dress

A by Hatsuko Endo

A by Hatsuko Endo, attractive dresses with “Timeless” beauty

The dresses created with passion and care, which you would like to wear on the most special day of your life, is supported as “My Dress” from many brides.

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The dress that brings you joy on the happiest day of your life and beyond.

A dress, memorable like a movie scene.

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Carefully finished by one stitch, one stitch using unique technology

Bridal Item

Line up from simple design to luxurious design with beading
Accessories that are necessary for dresses are also unique with original designs