In February 2021, presentation of new dress is debuted from ATELIER E&M.

Two new brands with a new taste that was ahead of the times have been announced at the same time, making a more fulfilling collection.

New dress of Feb 2021

「With the theme of “Oriental Luxury”.

The collection that expresses original lace and haute couture embroidery in bold composition.

The most suitable for hotel marriages and photo demand with its overwhelming presence and silhouette.

New Color Dress Brand

“The Only One,” the meaning in French.

The Color Dress Line of ATELIER E&M that is unique and new individuality.

New Multicolor Dress Brand

The new brand that hand over the history of ATELIER E&M in a new form.

The new standard design that fits for any bride till now and in the future.

It will be in stock at shops nationwide around the summer of 2021.

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